Parasite ★★★★½

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This is what probably Fox News reporters think socialism is.

With the impending extinction of the middle class, Bong Joon-ho offers with Parasite a niche social critique about the extents people will go to maintain their status or to have, at least, the same opportunities. Rather than filming a miserabilist and heavy-handed criticism against the world’s obsession with unnecessary luxuries, Joon-ho has developed a rare edge-of-your-seat art-house movie that’s become a major hit among critics and audiences alike.

As this is mainly a satire, the story’s never interested in being subtle with its social commentary. The director’s outrage against social injustice is too intense and indignant to be allegorical and subdued. Despite the movie’s conspicuous anti-capitalist tendencies, Bong Joon-ho doesn’t take sides as both rich and poor families come off badly. Really bad. Yet Parasite manages to introduce us to a great cast of sympathetic characters even if they’re constantly doing terrible things.

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