Hereditary ★★★★½

So, so close of being a modern horror masterpiece. 

Hereditary is Ari Aster's debut feature and isn't just one of 2018's best films but rather one of 21st century horror's most groundbreaking and emotionally disturbing experiences. 
Because that's what this is, an experience — one that manages to expertly build tension and terror simultaneously. 

The film doesn't miss a narrative beat. Everything is meticulously laid out to happen at each delicately chosen moment. 
The first act builds up each characters really well and leads to a moment unlike anything cinema has offered all year. 
And only then does the film really get going. It feels strange saying that considering the pacing never drags but certainly does take mutiple pauses throughout the second act, slowly but perfectly increasing the suspense. 
Toni Collette deserved an Oscar nomination so badly. 
What an absolutely outstanding and visceral performance. 
Alex Wolff is phenomenal, also. 
Can't remember the last time I was this floored by the dynamic between the overall direction of a film and its cinematography. Aster and Pogorzelski are some duo. 
The editing is fantastic and the sound design + mixing is layered to perfection and is genuinely unsettling.

There is only one real flaw to Hereditary and it's purely the storytelling of the third act. 
It's a technical masterwork but there's certain aspects that feel underdeveloped and in some places strangely rushed. Yes, the end is stunning and totally disturbing but I would've liked a slightly more refined climax in order to completely tie up all the elements that had been scattered throughout the runtime. 
Having said that, the impeccable direction and compelling story makes Hereditary a game-changer.
Cannot wait for Midsommar now.