Aquarius ★★★★½

A beautiful poem to the current Brazil.
You don't need to be brazillian to like it.
But if you are one, you will know how realistic this film is.

Sonia Braga gives a HELL of a performance. A oscar nomination should happen. Her emotions and nostalgia feelings are so well done that maked me believe that "Aquarius" was in fact a documentary. Actually, the whole cast gave me this sensation.

Other positive aspect is the perfect soundtrack, which has since Roberto Carlos to Queen. Even better is the not use of those songs for making everything looks cooler. They play in the actual scenes, in vinyls or radios stations for the benefit of the plot.
The writing is unbeliavable. It's not expository, it's criative and the dialogues sounds natural and are quickly spoken. The camera moviment is also another pro, with awesome zooms and angles.

So, with all this, why not 5 stars?
It's 142 minutes. It could even been shorter... however, the last scene made a huge smile on my face.