Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★★

it was... fine! it was fine. i did like bleu more than blanc, but i appreciate what it was trying to say. trois couleurs: blanc is misleading when you look at the poster, but once you scoff off the clickbaity promotional material, you will find a story of deception, betrayal and love that is somehow interesting. howeverrrrrrrr, if you put julie delpy in a movie, you must use her frequently and i think that should be a law lol. she is so stunning and captivating in this film and it's sad to see less of her. the use of white visuals and julie delpy is quite limited, so yeah, it was kinda disappointing. usually, i am in awe how kieslowki's mind worked. white in the flag of france represents to unity and with this one, kieslowki didn't go to the most obvious path and told a story about separation, which i like but that doesn't mean this is my favorite out of all the films in the trilogy.
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