Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run ★★★★½

Daina Reid's 'Run Rabbit Run,' a recent addition to Netflix's catalog since its release on January 19, 2023, is a cinematic experience that defies conventional blockbuster norms. Starring Sarah Snook, this film presents an intricate narrative that challenges its viewers by delving into the realms of memory, identity, and spirituality.

The plot, while intriguing, has room for development, garnering a respectable score of 3/5. It lays the foundation for a distinctive story, the likes of which are rarely seen in mainstream cinema. Sarah Snook's performance as a fertility doctor navigating her daughter's peculiar claims and her own haunting past is nothing short of commendable. With a score of 4/5, Snook imbues her character with depth and authenticity, making her portrayal a standout feature.

Under the adept direction of Daina Reid, 'Run Rabbit Run' skillfully guides the audience through a slow descent into hysteria, a narrative choice executed with precision. Reid's direction receives a noteworthy 4/5, crafting a tense and atmospheric experience that keeps viewers engaged throughout.

The cinematography by Bonnie Elliott deserves accolades, securing a rating of 4/5. Elliott's work beautifully captures the essence of the story with visually striking compositions. Mark Bradshaw and Marcus Whale's collaboration on the film's soundtrack is also praiseworthy, earning a solid 4/5. Their haunting melodies complement the suspenseful tone of the movie effectively.

The production design in 'Run Rabbit Run' significantly enhances the overall ambiance and credibility of the story, warranting a solid 4/5 rating. The attention to detail and the intricacies of the set design are evident throughout.

For patient viewers who appreciate character depth and the exploration of profound themes, 'Run Rabbit Run' offers a compelling cinematic experience. It's not tailored for those seeking a simplistic, surface-level narrative but rather for individuals who relish thought-provoking cinema. 'Run Rabbit Run' confronts the complexities of memory, identity, and the supernatural, making it a captivating choice for discerning cinephiles. Bravo

Plot 3/5
Acting 4/5
Directing 4/5
Cinematography 4/5
Soundtrack 4/5
Production design 4/5

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