2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

AFI Top 100 Review #3 (Im so sorry these are all so out of order)

The first time I watched 2001 I was in Junior High. My dad played it for me, my sister and her then boyfriend now fiance. He told me if I loved movies- I had to see this movie. He was right. At that age- I was transfixed by this movie. This movie just got into my head- I thought so much about it. It was the first real unconventional film I had ever been introduced to. My sister and her fiance thought it was stupid and dumb and thought I was weird for liking it- and I was fine with that. (they like the movie The Great Gatsby and that movie is literal trash so)

Anyways, tonight I got the honor of seeing this movie on the big screen and it was just as enthralling as it was when I saw it for the first time. The imagery is so imaginative and the cinematography is euphoric. This movies entire atmosphere and pure design sucks you into this futuristic tomorrow that never came to be.

This is the pure example of visual storytelling. Each shot, each image, each sound- everything is placed so perfectly to create what is the definition of a masterpiece.

There are certainly movies I enjoy more and could watch more again and again, but, in the definition of filmmaking- I believe 2001 is the best film ever made. It's the perfect use of everything you can do with the medium to create the perfect film.

Kubrick was a master of his craft.

This is one of those life changing films for me- it's the first film that made me think of film as an artform instead of just typical entertainment. We need more movies like this in cinemas again- we need general audiences to embrace films like this again.

I just hope we are a step closer with Blade Runner 2049 coming out.

Please if you have never seen this movie and are a fan of cinema, seek this out. This is cinema at its finest and most ambitious.

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