Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

Before Midnight, is amazing. Though, I don't know, it quite possibly could be my least favorite, or favorite of the series. It's had the most impact on me I believe, and that's a feat alone. Before Midnight is an honest and true film. It shows their deepest fear in both films, what if they grow old and grow apart and start to hate another? You get to see it in a hotel scene, which is just hard to sit through because it's so brutally honest, true and frustrating. Seriously, and it makes the film a whole lot more R rated then the first two. Multiple F bombs, one C bomb and some nudity I didn't see coming because the first two were just talk, so, just a warning. But, really, Linklater won me over. First off, the first hour of this film is the best of the entire trilogy. It's even more hopeful, funny, true than the first two, and the filmmaking is just wonderful. Then, we get the hotel scene, which is still very well done, but, I don't know how to feel about it. I always found Celestine and Jesse to be flawed but likeable characters we all aspire to be like, and now, they are even more damaged and reality sets in, and it's kinda hard to take. Especially Celestine, who is honestly a real jerk towards the end of this film. A hyprocritical, cynical, self-absorbed, know it all. I hated her towards the end of the film, which makes the scene more heartbreaking and more and more real and just so much to take. It's so well done, but, man talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Celestine has been a likeable and charming girl with such strong spirit that reminded me like myself in a way that was jaded by the cards life have given her. That scares me, what if my ambitions die due to dedicating myself to someone and their family? Is there really a happy ever after for a lot of people? Thank the lord my parents are amazing and still show me everyday that's a possible dream to have, and I have the greatest God who watches after me. It makes me want to be more smart, practical and knowing about what I want to do with my ambitions and relationships when I get older, and start to care for people and start thinking deeper into things than ever before. That's what these Before films really did for me, and while the first two are more hopeful and whimsical than this one is, I think I can consider them all favorites of mine for the impact and expert filmmaking alone. Thank you Linklater for such a wonderful trilogy. I teared up at the final line because I knew I finished the journey I had with these two, even if the end was a bit more brutal than I realized.


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