Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

I got to see this at The Alamo Drafthouse screening they had to hype up Blade Runner 2049 tonight.

This is my second viewing of the final cut and I've seen the directors cut once, and I gotta say- I know I'm still missing different little details in this film. Heck, after the movie my friend I saw it with, who's all time favorite movie is Blade Runner, was talking about little details and theories I hadn't even picked up on. This is a film to be discussed and rewatched time and time again. I know I could revisit it time and time again because it's atmosphere and world keep bringing me back, and the story is still as complex and surreal as ever. Ridley Scott has made an absolute piece of art with Blade Runner, which is a true science fiction classic and easily among my 100 favorite films of all time.

I wanna write more about the film, but, I feel like I need to study up on it and examine the film even more then I have- because there's just so much to uncover, and those films are the ones worth remembering. I know one thing, the tears in rain monologue sends shivers down my back every time. The question of what makes us really human is really where Blade Runner becomes a poignant piece on the human condition.

2049 comes out next month and I'm so hyped I'm gonna pee myself.

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