Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★★


So, if you guys know, I've been a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy since I've been eleven and the movie meant a lot to me when it came out. I made an entire post about how much this series means to me in my review of Guardians a few days ago, so, please go read that if you are curious for more details.

Going into Guardians 2, I was excited and a tad bit nervous. The first movie means so much to me, how the heck do you make a sequel that tops it?

James Gunn doesn't, he just decides to make an episode of the Guardians adventures and wind up making it vibrant, colorful, poetic and really really heartfelt.

I love the fact that Gunn doesn't have an overwritten narrative like Civil War or Doctor Strange. He gives time to develop the story and characters and see their chemistry with one another and their relationships, so when the real conflict starts to arise we really get a true sense of who the characters are, and guess what, we are invested.

I hear some people say this movie is choppy or poorly structured because it's different from a typical blockbuster narrative routine, and it's honestly ignorant. I'll be the first to say that Jeremy Jahns and Kristan Harloffs reviews of this film, kinda like Drive and a few other films, are pretty dang ignorant.

You see, people first dismissed 2001, Fight Club and The Wizard of Oz for having different approaches to storytelling as well, and now they look dumb years later. I do enjoy Schmoes and Jahns and respect their opinion, I just hope that even if they don't ever love the film like others they can appreciate it's actually not a bad structure, it's just not what they are used to.

You see, while I don't like Being John Malcovich, I would never say it's a poorly structured or written film, it just didn't work for me.

Anyways- lets talk about the film itself, in the best way I can, it's a Q&A time:

Brett, is this better then the first Guardians?

No, it's not. It's flipping fantastic, but, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the first one. Yet, this is literally a perfect companion piece.

Where would you rank it in the MCU?

Number 2 right after the first Guardians. Blows the other Marvel films out of the water?

What was your favorite parts?

The opening credits I was just grinning so much. I love the utilization of the music in this film. It very much plays more as a plot line and story arc more then the first film, and it really really works. I love Yondu in this, he has a real good arc and I think his arc perfectly represents what makes the Guardians movies so special. The meaning behind these broken people. The ending also was shockingly emotional and it choked me up for sure. I mean wow, it's just so poetic and so beautiful. Rocket is great once again- just putting that out there. (also for a graduation present I got a Build A Bear Rocket Raccoon and it's currently my favorite thing.)

Anything you didn't like?

Those gold people were okay I guess. The weakest element. They didn't take anything away from the film though, and I thought some of their stuff was kinda inventive. Also there are sometimes the film seems a little convenient. That being said, it's not out of the realm of possibility so these are minor minor nitpicks.

All in all, thoughts?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is continuing what is going to be an all time favorite film franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is not only easily the best film of 2017, I can only really see maybe Star Wars The Last Jedi being able to top it. This is honestly a film that's gonna be among my Top 20. This is an unconventional narrative that's able to give us fantastic characters, a ton of fun and a lot of heart to spare. I'm so excited to watch this one on repeat. Can Volume 3 just come out tomorrow please?

Grade: A+ (Quality of Chipotle Burrito Bowl)

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