Interstellar ★★★★★

Interstellar is a film that I don't understand that is not being universally praised. Few films a year come out that I can truly say is a favorite of mine, I can tell you Interstellar is one of my all time favorites. An excellent, complex plot perfectly highlight the flawed and loveable characters. The cinematography is amazing, and the directing is masterful. The first act perfectly sets up the characters and their family lives, feeling almost like a Spielberg film. The deep space parts are like a combination of 2001 and Inception, and it's flawless. Even if one (including myself) did not grasp all of the science presented in the film, if you pay attention, you will be able to follow the story and the wonderful themes woven through. I don't think I quite like this film as much as The Dark Knight, but, it is for sure his second best film, and Inception is another all time favorite, and I loved the Dark Knight Rises, so, that should tell you how awesome I think this film is.

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