Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

"No feeling is final"

I heard someone describe this as the closest we will get to a Calvin and Hobbs movie, and I honestly feel that is a very accurate description. This movie is about the ways in which a child learns to communicate and discusses the world in a way which he sounds like an adult, but obviously still has the mindset of a child. Instead of Hobbs this boy has imaginary Hitler to talk to. While Hobbs gives Calvin hope and optimism, Hitler just continues to brainwash terrible ideologies to Jojo. This is the part of his psyche he must break to realize his own worldview is screwed.

This movie is a perfect balancing act. I know some people find the film problematic, and hey if that's how you feel then that's fine. However, I find it subversive in the best ways. It is hard to take subject matter surrounding events as dark as the Nazi regime in World War 2 yet Jojo Rabbit finds the perfect line. At the end of the day, it isn't a movie that ever once mocks Jews or the trauma they had to go through, but it mocks and ridicules the terrible ideologies that would make someone be so brainwashed to think of Jews as evil and want to eradicate them. It never sympathizes with Nazis, it deconstructs in a humorous way why they are the way they are. There is hope in this movie, a hope that maybe one day we can realize that we all pump the same blood and we can love one another. Then we can dance because that means we are free, the way God wants it to be. Punch a Nazi in the face and maybe a bigot while you are at it.

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