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This review may contain spoilers.

the scene with jojo chasing the blue butterfly that reveals rosie dead is one of the most powerful moments in any film I've ever seen. it's one of the most perfectly directed sequences I've ever seen. the scene really ties the theme together of this kids childhood innocence being corrupted in one blink of an eye. an already changing worldview has been rocked, jojo realizing the consequences and his blind fanaticism leaves people dead. how this is all lead up with subtle foreshadowing of roses shoes and her line to mojo early in the film, "they did what they could.” we've been chuckling at jojo and his goofy antics and laughing about how absurd the idea of nazism is but in the end of the day it was tragic and cruel and we must not forget that. takia waititi understands this and elevates the material that could have just been crass and offensive and says something poignant about the human condition in general. simply, its easy for us to follow bad ideals to form behind a team and to feel involved. the hardest part of life is being an individual because that makes you feel alone. we are all human no matter what and its time we stopped marginalizing each other. if we get divided enough, another hitler could emerge and that's a scary thought.

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