Molly's Game ★★½

Molly's Game wasn't great but Jessica Chastain is always great

That being said, she's also really great and the film and honestly deserves a nomination for her work. Man, can she deliver some great Sorkin dialogue.

I knew before doing my official 10 of the year lookback I had to see Molly's Game because Sorkin is maybe one of our best screenwriters working in the business. I love The Social Network and find it to be one of the best films of this decade.

Unfortunately, Molly's Game ultimately feels like s poor mans Social Network.

I will say, around the first 20 minutes of this movie are great. It's witty, snappy, the writing is amazing, Chastain is killing it- it's just a fun time.

Then, Idris Elbas character comes. I like him as an actor and he does his job well here, I just found his character to be kinda boring. Not only that, he talked exactly like Molly. Scratch that, every character started talking like Molly. This is when I realized Sorkins biggest flaw as a writer was gonna plague this movie- he's too smart.

That's right. I understand this film is filled with smart people in high intense poker matches, but, everyone in this movie always knows the exact right thing to say. While its kinda interesting at first, after a while it just becomes draining. It's like watching an episode of Sherlock where every character was Sherlock (but not nearly as entertaining.)

The movie is too concerned on being witty and smart that it actually doesn't really give us great characters or relationships. Molly is a cool character maybe, but, honestly I didn't really feel for her. I found her struggle relationship between her father to be honestly kinda cheap and her overall persona was kinda irritating after a while. She after a while constantly makes mistakes even though she's like apparently a genius and while she does have some punishment, the film ultimately wraps a nice bow on this story and gives us way to easy answers. Heck, they even end it in a bookend. It feels very Hollywood.

That's this films biggest crime. It doesn't feel human. It feels always like you are watching something that is written and acted by these people. I always saw Jessica Chastain, I always saw Michael Cera, I always heard Aaron Sorkin in the writing. In The Social Network, I buy all the characters. That films dialogue is for sure more witty then the typical human, yet, they all feel like they have their own individual voices and choices and consequences for those choices. That film was terrific because it had a good pace, amazing dialogue, great well developed story that was actually relevant to the times.

Molly's Game is missing all of that. Why should I care? Why is this relevant? Is this even important? The answer, in my opinion, is no.