Parasite ★★★★½

So maybe you guys remember that I saw Parasite a few months ago on a screener. I was very warm to the film, giving it an initial 4/5 star rating saying it was a great film with an excellent screenplay. Yet, my lackluster review did not give Parasite the credit it deserved. I also wrote in that review that I would see the movie again on the big screen because it felt like a movie that demanded to be seen on a big screen in a darkened theatre. Oh boy was I right on that one as well- Parasite just absolutely transfixes its audience when its played in a theatre. I haven't been this memorized by a film since maybe seeing Roma in theaters.

Parasite is a perfect movie. I've been thinking about this a lot- but i can't think of any issues I have with it. I mean, for goodness sake look at where it is at on the Letterboxd Top 250. It's number 2 of all time!! That's nuts- yet I feel like it is very well deserved.

This is one of the most original films I've seen. It's really hard to compare to other films because of the directions it goes. It's the perfect example on how to engage an audience and play them like a violin. I'd put this film up there with Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (and if you know me you know that is a huge compliment.) Parasite is able to have the first half be a completely different film, and then it has its own shower scene like in Psycho that changes the context to the rest of the film in a really bold way. This film is so incredibly unpredictable and yet all the beats I was anticipating seeing unfold the 2nd time hit even harder this time. Maybe it was because I saw it on the big screen but I also think the story just justifies repeat viewings and they will all hit. That is a filmmaker on the top of his game and Bong Joon-ho deserves all the recognition he will get for this film. It is one of the most perfectly crafted films I've ever seen.

The screenplay is so tight and everything pays off in such a satisfying way. Even though this film feels like two completely different movies its still abler to tie in everything together in a way that feels palpable. It's absolutely breathtaking and one film professors will be showing to classes for years.

The way Joon-ho uses space in this movie is enthralling as well. A lot of this movie takes place in a single house yet it feels so vast and large because of how small our protagonists and their worldview are. With music, cinematography and spectacular editing this movie is able to transform into a wholly complete experiences of the senses. It feels like you are there experiencing this with the characters. There will be several scenes where you won't be able to breathe because of how well the tension is executed. It's quite frankly a masterpiece.

If the Academy snubs this movie for a nomination, then they obviously have a bias against Korean films. This is easily one of, if not "the", best film of the year. It's one of the most engaging and engrossing film going experiences I've had in a very long time and one I think will be remembered in the film medium for years and years to come. I cannot stress how good this movie is- 2019 is becoming one of my favorite years for movie releases.

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