The Lego Ninjago Movie

The Lego Ninjago Movie ★★

*at work last night*

Man- "hey, I think you sent us to the wrong theatre."

Me- "Oh really sir? So sorry about that- where are you supposed to go."

Man- "LEGO Ninjago Theatre 10." (points at theatre 10)

Me- "That's the right one."

Man- "There's a different movie going on in that one- I think its that foreigner movie."

Me- "Really? That isn't right that should be Ninjago, heck it should have started only a few minutes ago."

*follows him to theatre and opens the door to see Jackie Chan talking to the kid.*

Me- "Ahhh this is the right theatre- this is how it starts."

Man- "Really? The LEGO Ninjago movie starts with Jackie Chan talking to a kid? Why doesn't it start with LEGOs?"

Me- "I've seen the film sir, and I'm still asking the same question."

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