Midsommar ★★★½

this is an entirely subjective reflection - but after my visceral experience with hereditary, I couldn’t help feel but feel underwhelmed by this outing. make no mistake, ari continues to be a master of atmosphere and direction. florence is in complete control here, owning every scene she’s in and making the bridge between audience and screen. the set design is awe inspiring, fleshed out with interesting camera moves and the unnerving score. but overall, I wasn’t as taken away by this. I think perhaps the theme was solid, but several ideas were half baked. I could see what they were going for with the continuous daylight, but that began to go down a stale path after a while, rather than allowing them to be creative. the colors, mwah. costumes, mwah. slow camera pull and push, mwah. the one liners from mark, mwah. 
perhaps I went in with the wrong expectations and that’s why I feel disappointed. maybe a rewatch would do me good.

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