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  • Night of the Living Dead
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Evil Dead
  • Eraserhead

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  • Compliance


    First time I watched this one, I was literally yelling and swearing at my TV. It’s just jaw dropping how stupid the people were in this. Like, the guy says he has the woman this girl supposedly stole from with him. Why didn’t they think to ask to speak to her? Or if they were truly convinced he was a cop, why not ask for a badge number? It all gets even more infuriating when you find out this is…

  • Vomit-Action


    Hmmm… Seems someone was doing this long before Lucifer Valentine made it popular. LOL!

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  • Her Name Was Christa

    Her Name Was Christa

    James L. Edwards is one of those names most people who closely follow microbudget, shot-on-video, indie and underground horror are familiar with. Having gotten his start in the productions of J.R. Bookwalter and Tempe Entertainment and collaborating with various rural Ohio based filmmakers, James has established himself as a respected name in the DIY gore and splatter world. Now James has taken on the job of directing.

    His directorial debut is Her Name Was Christa. A creepy and perverse psychological…

  • Adoration


    An intense, haunting picture focusing on troubled youth romance and an escape through a forest from some bad people. Fabrice Du Welz, one of the most underrated Euro filmmakers, creates a very raw and uncompromising psychological drama. Beautifully photographed with very moving performances by the two young leads. It has echoes of films like Gotz Spielmann’s Revanche and Alexander Vartanov’s Bullet Collector. An exceptional piece of art cinema that will stay with you long after viewing.