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  • Freak Show

    Freak Show


    Okay so I have a lot of thoughts about this movie:
    - Incredible & solid performance from Alex Lawther
    - Is that Zayn Malik and Meghan Trainor?
    - Need me a friend like MJ
    - But what's the story about Muv? Idgi
    - Billy's speech at the end really wins everyone's heart
    - Freakishly, fashionably fabulous! The Devil Wears Prada who?

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  • Taken 3

    Taken 3


    really? is this the same bryan mills as in the first and second movie? the bryan mills that defeated all albanian that kidnapped his daughter under 96 hours? got tricked by an almost bankrupt businessman who probably can't even tell the type of gun he's holding? really?

  • Taken 2

    Taken 2


    i still prefer the first one. there are too many weird and uncommon scenes in this sequel.

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    "Kiss me, my girl, before I'm sick."

    a literal 'toxic relationship' was served here. what can i say? i'm a fan of fucked up movies.

  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    "If my best friend hides his farts from me then what else is he hiding from me, and why does that make me feel so alone?"

    This movie is just so weird, so innocent, so philosophical, so dark, so funny, and so gay. And I'm loving it. Ps: #FartGoals