Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

As a Statham-Ritchie action vehicle (within the comfort zone of both dudes), I expected more out of Wrath of Man than the generic drivel I was subjected to. It is both a heist and a revenge flick rolled into one, sans the situational dank humour or the quirky one-liners. Here, Ritchie's buzzy visuals and crisp, action-packed montages are replaced by plain, unsophisticated shots that serve only to expound. By the beginning of the second act (each act with a distinct title-card, serving no real purpose - not even subtly allegorical), Wrath of Man becomes riddled with plot convenience, as opposed to Ritchie's usual writing style where characters organically go through do-or-die situations.

The non-linear storytelling doesn't help. Not only does it rob us of all the layers of mystery that Ritchie sets us up with in the first half-hour, but it also makes the latter acts expository as hell. The dialogues, a Guy Ritchie strongpoint, are astonishingly dull this time around. So many loose threads are left hanging by the time the film gets to its finale - several decisions, especially by the antagonists, don't seem like ones that supposedly smart criminals would take. Christopher Benstead's brooding score, while intriguing in the first act, becomes repetitive and undermines the overall impact. Statham and the supporting ensemble do a fine job, but I wish there was more (meat) to the film than what I watched.

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