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  • No Rest for the Wicked

    No Rest for the Wicked


    So many flaws that I could not understand, how this film was considered better than Almodovaro's "The Skin I Live in".
    First of all we have no explanation, why the main character (Santos Tirinidad) acts like this. No motive, no reason. There was something in his past, but we never get what. There's no explanation in the end either. You could suspect it could be vegance, but nope, not this time. So what else? The truth is out there.

  • On Chesil Beach

    On Chesil Beach


    "Love borns when we dare to share our darkness to each other".
    They did. They shared their darkness and shinny moments, but could love and marriage exist without sex?
    And yet - the proposal made from the deepest love, to keep the loved one just happy, while you could not make him happy in this particular sense. The proposal, made from love, hurted for eternity.
    If only we had enough patience with our beloved ones to walk through all those inner demons. If only we could find someone, who could help us do this and could lead us through our darkness.

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  • Burning



    If "Girls of the Sun" was really my kind of subject and that's why I liked that film, this one was a real surprise. Very beautiful metaphore with cat and Haemi. The film is long, but not boring.

  • Ana, My Love

    Ana, My Love


    Romanian "My Blue Valentine" story. A little bit difficult to watch because of no chronological editing, but emotionally strong and powerful.