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  • Ben Is Back

    Ben Is Back


    About how unconditional love could be and how much mother could do for her child. Almost anything. Litteraly.
    Holly (Julia Roberts) doesn't know, if she could trust her son Ben (Lucas Hedges) - and spectators do not know either. In the beggining it seems to be a family drama with the conflicts between family members, later we could feel tension in the air, then it losts this high level, but still catches attention. Driving all night, with hope and desperation in the same time.
    There some doubtable spots (i.e. meeting at any time you need, even on Christmas Eve), but ok, we could handle this.

  • Creed



    Almost copy-paste of the first part of "Rocky", but there is one big difference - "Creed" does not have that social background that "Rocky" had. In other words - Rocky has no other option to survive, but fight, he and his friends were all those grey poor mice, living on the board of society; Adonis is not poor, he left his office job and he wants to fight, but it seems just a caprice of a rich boy. OK, OK,…

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  • Burning



    If "Girls of the Sun" was really my kind of subject and that's why I liked that film, this one was a real surprise. Very beautiful metaphore with cat and Haemi. The film is long, but not boring.

  • Ana, My Love

    Ana, My Love


    Romanian "My Blue Valentine" story. A little bit difficult to watch because of no chronological editing, but emotionally strong and powerful.