Eternals ★★★½

Eternals evokes the naturalistic imagery of Zhao's previous feature, Nomadland. While these films explore vastly different topics, gorgeous landscapes paired with great camerawork are a constant. That being said, I'm still vocal about wanting the costumes to have a little more vibrancy. Speaking of vibrancy, the MCU had one chance to lure in more Indian viewers with the Bollywood sequence, and wasted it by making it look like bland caricature of the stereotypical Bollywood flavour. And the Eternal involved here, Kingo, would've been the most important character, as he is the only one who decides to run after fame (and not keep a low profile as advised) by choosing become a Bollywood leading man for a hundred years. Immense scope for character development down the drain in exchange for a couple jokes. (Psst... Harish Patel is quite the chonkster)

While the film superficially explores a couple of questions based on the morality of these "gods" choosing to (or not to) help humanity, it does so with a rather skewed vantage point, without talking about the "humanity" of these beings, which would've another interesting thing worth exploring. With the plot leaving very little room for character development, coupled with somewhat weak villains, it feels safe to say the only character (Eternal or otherwise) worth remembering is Harish Patel's Karun. Even the action scenes are rather unappealing except the one Thena shot (you'll know it when you see it) in the climax. And oh, the climax. Could've been better. Zhao's inexperience with films of this scale shows.

Needing to balance a handful of characters, the film ultimately ensures that couple of actors will not have to do a lot. The couple of actors here are Barry Keoghan and Anjelina Jolie. And probably, almost surely, Zain Al Rafeea, who was in the starting minutes if the film, which I unfortunately missed because I came late (that's what she said!).

Eternals feels different from your typical comic book movie and it doesn't quite push the boundaries of translating comics to the big screen. On the whole, that RT score is unwarranted. I didn't want to run out of the theatre and the film had its moments.

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