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  • The Menu

    The Menu


    How good a satire works depends not only on how well it’s able to ridicule its characters through quick wit but also on how it presents its contrasting ideas that go on to expose the underlying absurdities of human nature. The latter, however, becomes possible if there’s a good enough audience surrogate for a story, especially for a setting as unique as the one “The Menu” uses for almost the entirety of its runtime. Although here it’s not just the…

  • Beyond the Universe

    Beyond the Universe


    Netflix's latest Brazilian romantic drama, “Beyond the Universe” is about Nina- a gifted pianist who one day dreams of playing in the Symphony Orchestra in Sao Paulo. But this all changes when Nina suffers from Lupus; as she reaches adulthood, things only start getting worse for her physically. It's here when she meets a carefree resident doctor Gabriel, and the pair spark up an electric relationship. Will Gabriel risk his future career for their relationship? How will the pair find…

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  • Darlings



    A beautifully-written film about Badrunissa and Hamza Sheikh, whose ‘love marriage’ becomes a cyclical series of beatings followed by apologies. The movie, is not just about breaking that cycle, but also one about underlying generational trauma. The stellar performances and the breathtakingly detailed production design aside, the biggest strength of the film lies in how it never trivializes the oppression while setting up its oppressors so well.

  • Atrangi Re

    Atrangi Re


    Just like every Himanshu Sharma-Aanand L Rai collaboration, Atrangi Re is seeped into magical realism. Cinema is make-believe; a film, no matter what absurd height it's aiming at, can still work if the makers of it go in with full conviction. Taking a leap-of-faith is a thing that follows naturally while being engrossed in the world-building of the film. Atrangi Re begins with a forced marriage between Rinku (Sara Ali Khan) and Vishu (Dhanush). The film doesn't take time to…