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  • Blue


    Our life will pass like the traces of a cloud,
    And be scattered like, 
    Mist that is chased by the,
    Rays of the sun,
    For our time is the passing of a shadow,
    And our lives will run like,
    Sparks through the stubble,
    I place a delphinium,
    Upon your grave.

  • O.K. End Here

    O.K. End Here


    Landscapes suffocating in our vast room

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  • Dunkirk



    It's a war movie, not a movie about war.
    Not about the politics, not about the soldiers, not about their emotion, not about how they see war, not about the innocents, not about the evil, not about acting, not about statements, not about writing, not about direction.
    Everyone's having a hard time to judge a Nolan movie with an objective eye, you can buy a ticket and enjoy the moment in a very action-filled experience shot in the latest techniques. And then forget all about it, forever, that's all.

  • Homeland: Iraq Year Zero

    Homeland: Iraq Year Zero


    Cinema's greatest ability, and the one that is most sublime, is not only to encapsulate time, but to eternalize what's been past and gone, the places and the gazes, the children and the days, you can watch them over and over, forever, laughing with them and crying to what happened to them, despite all the conflict and destruction, despite all the time that has past. It's not just a life within life, it's like seeing an image that once has…