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  • Strangers in Good Company
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  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Where the 1% shake their heads and laugh at the media circus that they themselves perpetuate like clowns and the way us stupid common folk gobble it all up while they instigate and terrorize us with end of the world doomerisms.

    There are actually very few jokes in this movie and only a handful of those made me laugh ("she's an anesthesiologist"). The humor mainly relies on sloppy exaggerations meant to make the audience nod approvingly and go, "wow, that's…

  • Involuntary



    The most uncomfortable episode of Seinfeld ever.

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  • Strangers in Good Company

    Strangers in Good Company


    The Bucket List Challenge 1
    Wildcard: Watch a Canadian film not directed by Xavier Dolan

    "Death is around us everywhere, eh?"
    "That's the way life is."

    "I think everyone's life is more or less interesting."
    "It's a drama."

    Only old people can drop lines like this so casually, without an ounce of pretentiousness. I cried throughout this whole movie - I'm really a sucker for anything about old age and mortality.

    These women were just beautiful and I loved spending…

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    The worst part of Hill House was the sappy, overdramatic, lecturey ending. It was an otherwise excellent, terrifying show with one tiny and forgivable weak spot. And yet, it's that weak spot Flanagan has chosen to expand on and roll with in everything he's made since.

    I can't tell you the way my fiance and I groaned, "oh no," whenever a character in Midnight Mass opened their mouths and began speaking in this oh-so-serious, tender manner that we knew was…