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  • Take It Out In Trade

    Take It Out In Trade


    I like Ed Wood and I'm cool with exploitation films, but this film just felt like it would never end. The sex sequences were so drawn out and absurd at times that I caught myself rolling my eyes. I wasn't offended by watching this film in a theater full of strangers though, and I didn't find the interactions with women in the film to be violent, but I probably wouldn't have selected to watch this. It's an incredible part of film history though, so major kudos to AGFA & Something Weird for uncovering & preserving it.

  • Dan Dream

    Dan Dream


    I love Klown, so I wanted to like this, but I just didn't. It had some funny moments, but ultimately I didn't find any of the characters' antics or bad behavior charming, I just found them all to be annoying and the plot felt thin. I didn't hate it, but I doubt I'll ever watch it again.

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  • The Endless

    The Endless


    If you like cults, the supernatural, mythology and hot guys driving in a car, you will love this movie just as much as I did. Literally throw a triple moon in a movie and you'll automatically get 3 stars from me, but this movie gets 4 because it's actually fucking good.

  • Under the Tree

    Under the Tree


    This is a film full of irredeemable, selfish characters who are all incapable of dealing with their emotions properly. As things escalate further and further, and all rational thinking is completely thrown out of the window, I found myself getting legitimately stressed watching these people self-destruct. This film succeeds at getting under your skin.