Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★½

Holy shit, I've never been this wrong about a movie before.

My stock response whenever I've been been asked about this film in part has been "The animation and humour in the first 5 minutes was awesome! But then Dreamworks wasted all that good will with a tired, uninspired plot that ripped it's big moral from Space Jam. Try harder, Katzenberg!.".

...and I was wrong.

This movie is a lot of fun with it's mix of inventive action scenes and childish sense of humour. It leans heavily on the typical Hero''s Journey structure, but I found its orientalist-ish origin story so delightful that I didnt mind the somewhat anticlimactic fight between Po and Tai-Lung at the end.

Also, the movie was kinda odd in that it looked like Rogen came in late in the process, as you don't hear his voice at all until halfway through the movie.