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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


  • Le Joli Mai

    Le Joli Mai


    Five images from Le Joli Mai, offered without comment:

    "Why search for beauty in a dove, or poetry in poets, when you have owls, painters, cosmonauts..." and Chris Marker films?

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  • Silence



    "Christ would have apostatized for the sake of love."

    A story about the meaning of suffering for your beliefs, the question of setting aside those beliefs to end suffering, the silence of God in the face of that suffering, and the depths of cruelty humanity can reach in an attempt keep power. Two Jesuit priests come to Japan, in a time when Christianity is banned and punishable by death, to spread Christianity, search for another missing priest, and perhaps with…

  • Pig-Chicken Suicide

    Pig-Chicken Suicide


    Bizarre, surreal, brutal, dripping with symbolism, and utterly incoherent. Matsui has a lot of amazing ideas here, and deeply cares about fighting prejudice, but it doesn't seem like he knows quite how to put them together. It's also extremely obvious how much of an influence Shuji Terayama is on him; the films visual style, use of color, and even the way he uses music echos him. Too bad that when Terayama saw this film, he supposedly called it garbage (though…