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  • Witchouse III: Demon Fire

    Witchouse III: Demon Fire


    A highly satisfying follow-up to Witchouse II, this is mostly a cool hangout movie wherein debbie rochon and tina krause sit around gabbing, getting drunk, fighting, eating Fatburgers, and gabbing some more. Oh, and their friend is staying with them to get away from her abusive boyfriend... but that doesn't really become important until later. Maybe.

    They also perform a summoning ritual that invokes the evil witch Lilith, played by brinke stevens in ravishing makeup and costume. She kind of…

  • Cult of the Shadow People

    Cult of the Shadow People


    The tale of a midwestern suburb terrorized by a cult of fringe right-wing fish god worshippers, who summon shadow people from a hell dimension, and who are also werewolves who want to bring down the US government. And of course, the jaded paranormal private detective hellbent on bringing them down at any cost!

    I liked this movie. It features many of my favorite film elements such as: negligible budget; large cast of local actors w/awesome midwestern accents; rubber monster masks;…

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  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon


    I have realized that the thing I love most about Event Horizon is how much the characters care about each other and listen to each other, how much they value their own and each others’ lives. It would be an awesome scary space story either way, but the human feelings of our poor space adventurers really give it so much more impact and enjoyment. 

    Except for Sam Neill, of course, who I don’t think has ever played a character with…

  • Witchboard



    Watched in honor of Tawny Kitaen, RIP. I still love Witchboard so very fucking much, it is 100% my favorite "people can't follow the two extremely simple rules of ouija board usage and terrible things happen to them" movie. I think it's really weird and interesting and hilarious.

    Imagine being so devoted to your lifestyle as a hatchet murderer that you not only take elaborate measures to return from beyond the grave to kill more people - you still make…