The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★½

I kind of hate myself for never seeing this before. What a trip!
Tobe Hooper (so it seems to me) raised his eternally beloved horror masterpiece right out of its grave and desecrated its corpse! what more appropriate tribute could there be, really?
The result is a super fun, silly, manic romp thru north texas with our pals the Sawyers and... Dennis Hopper! most of the filming locations are actually in the Austin area which makes it even better!
Speaking of Texas, there are so many bottles of Shiner on display in this movie that I almost died of thirst watching it! goddamn I miss Texas sometimes. Hook 'Em Horns!! 🤘🏻
Just imagine if there were a halloween theme park version of Texas Battle Land / Sawyer family lair?? Just stop and imagine that for a minute?? Okay, now let's all go bedazzle our jeans and hit up the chainsaw store!

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