Tenet ★½

Ladies and Gentlemen Nolan presents his latest epic, exposition the movie. I came out of this film with one question, why do I care? All the characters are not characters they're just two dimensional robots used to progress the confusing narrative. Like honestly what was the main females character other than "muh child". Nolan also takes tone deaf to new hights with a protagonist who calls himself the protagonist its all just so lazy.

I've never watched a film that spends so long trying to explain everything and yet explains nothing. Nolan must have forgotten the first rule of film, show don't tell.

This film is just a collection of fancy visual effects complete with a decent last twenty minutes or so but for the most part what is the point of anything in this film? Nolan has seriously lost his touch and you can tell he just wanted an excuse to make cool effects with a half baked script on top of it. The last two Nolan movies have been souless drivel and it's apparent that the man is no longer on the cutting edge of big budget thrillers.

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