Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

My feelings on this film are a bit more complicated now.

Opinion has changed, not drastically, but enough for me to question how high a regard I held this.

It stuck the ending FUCKING WELL but there were a few hiccups that I can't really ignore. The cinematography is sometimes nice but most shots are just ugly. I HATE how the third act looks, all dark and full of smoke. Some basic logic problems with the characters and such, it's seen in every movie. Time travel is fine in the first 1/3, the rest just fucks it up. The first 1/3 is well crafted and fun and the rest just seems randomly put together just to end the fucking thing. Of course, I love the third act A LOT.
But in the middle 1/3, it's just so jumbled. To me at least.

Do I still like the movie? Yes. Absolutely.
Do I like it as much as I used to? No.
Not really.

(Sorry about the extra bold and italics, the app is glitching.)