Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★½

I have nothing new to bring to the table, so don't expect such a new perspective on this film (who am I kidding no one reads these anyway).

Better than the 2017 cut, no doubt about it. This is as Snyder as Snyder can get, besides Watchmen. The cast here is pretty good, highlights being Cyborg and the Flash. The writing is more or less the same I expect from a series such as Snyder's dark takes on these superheroes, mostly only being setup with some payoff but setup for another film. BVS is the main contender in that regard and MOS is the near antithesis on that front (in comparison). That being said, I'm more than glad we got all 4 hours in one package and am very glad for Snyder to get this chance to finish what he started. Action-wise, the film's R rating helps shit get pretty interesting. That and we get to see Wonder Woman be the most badass of all the heroes, so that's an added delight. CGI is godawful here, but that's to be expected with DC's modern fare so far even with their better offerings in the past couple of years. Length can scare some people away, if you're interested or curious at all, I recommend you watch it. If you have the time as well. The pacing as expected was pretty poor (I give Snyder a lot of credit but not enough to warrant his indulgent filmmaking, which could be the point of this project, but doesn't make the film feel any better either way), I'm sure there's a 3.5 hour cut in there somewhere. I kinda want there to be sequels because how the film goes on is pretty intriguing (even with the heavy sequel bait), but since Snyder called this non-canon, we'd get a whole X-Men situation (where DOFP fixed the timeline but the prequels just went on on their own) and that's more then enough of a mindfuck for anyone to deal with. Even though we most likely won't get a sequel, I'm glad this exists.

Plan to do a Notes Section on this but not soon.