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  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    The Man Who Knew Too Much


    Narratively, this one is a little strange; despite a short length, The Man Who Knew Too Much is rather episodic, and it treats the ostensible lead more like a significant supporting character. Luckily, pretty much every individual scene is a banger, deftly bouncing from comedy to thrills without missing a beat, and at one point even punctuating a comedic scene with a shocking burst of violence.

    This is, I believe, the earliest Hitchcock film I've seen, and it's impressive how…

  • Julieta



    Certainly gives you everything you want, style-wise, from an Almodóvar film. The story, on the other hand, is possibly the most normal, straight-forward thing he's ever written, and that makes it feel.... less? It's gripping enough, has its little eccentricities, and even builds up some real emotional power by the end. The lead character is suitably interesting and layered (everyone else is only lightly sketched, but that may work in the film's favor). And yet, without any of the big…

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  • Notorious



    Gorgeous, hugely entertaining and deeply fucked-up, I think there's a strong case to be made that Notorious is Alfred Hitchcock's best film. I'll be going through a bunch of them in the next few months, so we'll see if my feelings change.


  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Those of us hoping for a Zack Snyder-style over-reaching clusterfuck spectacular or, barring that, an interesting trainwreck, have been majorly let down. Despite the troubled production, Justice League is a watchable and blandly competent Generic Superhero Movie, successfully retrofitted to be more lighthearted and breezy without feeling like it was stitched together from incompatible parts. I guess I can't say I hated Justice League, but this was the least interesting way it could have turned out.

    In an effort to…