Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★½

That animation is art. Wow. Beautiful. This film is worth seeing just for that alone. The city lights of New York were brought to life in a brilliant explosion of colorful and engrossing animation. A star and a half just for this alone.

I loved the character of Miles Morales. I felt invested in him from the very start. His relationship with his uncle really got my attention; an adult and child as best friends, a mentor figure but also a companion. I liked that a lot.

The first half of this movie: great, I loved it. I was fascinated and engaged every second. Chills. Smiling to myself.

The second half? not so much. My biggest problem, to be honest, was the Anime chick and that pig "Spiderman". This movie took itself seriously (and did a heck of a good job at that in the first half) and the second we got talking pigs and anime I couldn't take any serious emotion seriously. Before today I thought that Jar-Jar was the only character capable of ruining a movie but I was wrong...

It's not a terrible movie...that aspect just didn't work for me personally.

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