Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★½

So being the massive Star Wars fan that I am you’d be shocked to know that I haven’t seen this film before. I knew the story and everything obviously, but the reason being, after viewing the painful train wreck of boring politics, cheesy line deliveries, and just all-around trashyness, that were first two prequels, I just didn’t think that my Star Wars-loving soul could stomach anymore. And sadly, my premonitions were justified. The above-mentioned problems with the first two prequels pervaded this film’s runtime. I felt ashamed for George Lucas and almost ashamed to be a Star Wars fan. The line delivery and prevalence of painful throwaway lines were horrid. The acting was atrocious and the action and storyline unimaginative and boring. It’s starting to sink in how much wasted potential lies in these movies. I should’ve just listened to my gut as far as this movie was concerned and just settled with a plot summary.

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