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  • Daybreakers




  • Sweetheart



    Really solid creature feature that's only let down by a bit of a derpy monster, a rare bad performance from Cohen and the film itself being almost too slight for its own good. Felt like it was missing something that could've made it really great.

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  • Tragedy Girls

    Tragedy Girls

    Take Scream and remove the intelligence, take Clueless and remove the fun, take Heathers and remove the cool. You’re left with this piece of shit.

    Horror for the “YASKWEEN” “I’m here for it” “I stan for...” generation so I’m about ten years away from being able to tolerate this hollow, vapid nonsense.

  • Hellboy


    Del Toro's Hellboy 3 died so this could exist and that's the biggest shame.

    One star for Hellboy being a Converge fan and that shit is canon now.