girl, thirties, fat, likes Mad Men, Buffy, Hayao Miyazaki films, and Regina Spektor.

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  • Spirited Away
  • Paper Moon
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • Pretty in Pink

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  • Hocus Pocus 2


  • Trainwreck: Woodstock '99


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  • The Age of Adaline

    The Age of Adaline


    yeah this movie is painfully dull. I was hoping for something more period piece. it's definitely a piece of something...

    like, literally, this is a movie about a woman who doesn't age and is perpetually 29 years old but actually 108 or something and she spends most of the movie hanging out with this young dude who pretty much stalks her into dating him, like what? let me just say if I am ever finding myself to be perpetually 29…

  • 10



    noo, Julie Andrews. you deserved so much better.

    this movie kind of pissed me off, but I probably should have known that'd be the case when I decided to watch a 70s movie about a privleged, middle aged man going through a mid life crisis

  • Mermaids



    i think this movie kind of missed the mark for me. i love cher, i love bob hoskins, i love winona ryder, and i love christina ricci, and because the cast are some of my favorites i'll give it a star and half.

    but that's also why it was probably so hard to watch a story about a severely emotionally stunted mother treat her children like crap the whole movie, blame it on her older daughter and in the end never take any responsibility for any of her actions, but somehow the movie tries to pretend it's got a happy/hopeful ending? no ty.

  • Tormented



    little girl steals the show