Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

The glorious Snyderfication of cinema. 2021’s been a gift of a year for Snyder. First, the mega-mythological wonder-piece of ZSJL, now this crazy, chaotic thrill of a zombie flick. I’m not too bothered about zombie films if I’m being honest, I have never been a big fan of the genre, but Snyder somehow makes me care for it with Army of the Dead. An absolutely zany orchestra-piece in action filmmaking for Zack, as he shifts between tender moments of sincerity and warmth, and the more insane, gorey bits of action.

Mostly, I’m just really glad Zack’s doing what he wants with this - it’s clearly a full-blown Snyder film in all its exaggerated gore, action and comedy, whilst playing into a sense of vulnerability at heart, which he pulls off cathartically. Working with a great cast here too that really shape-up the dynamic of the film, the freedom he had creatively in making this with Netflix evidently shines through. It’s a glorious work that highlights his strengths in the fine tightrope between sentimentality and over-the-top action. A hot director making cool, passionate films about the awesome things he loves; you just gotta love Zack Snyder.

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