Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★½

Honestly, what a legacy Chadwick Boseman leaves behind - his swan-song, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, introducing us to perhaps the finest performance of his career, as he brings the musicality, demand and hunger of this role to life with soul and magic. Two incandescent dialogues in this film, passionately delivered by Boseman, simply steal the show, as he truly dominates the playing field among a star cast of actors. Levee was a role made for Boseman, one he fills the shoes of immaculately, in his artistic ambition, and in his strive to maintain artistic integrity, akin to Boseman’s authenticity as an actor throughout his years in Hollywood.

An impeccable performance from Chadwick Boseman to bow out on; one that will certainly bring up his name again through awards season, deservedly. One of the greats of his generation and what a legacy to leave behind.

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