Nostalgia ★★★★½

NOSTALGIA is perhaps the most aggressive and outwards feature film in Andrei Tarkovsky’s filmography - subtle with what it has to say but expressive with how it eventually elevates upon these themes and ideas of life abroad.

Dealing with themes of homesickness and, obviously, nostalgia over certain places, it’s a film that’s very personal to Tarkovsky, in its afflictions with his self-proclaimed exile from his motherland and his longing to return home, even dedicating the film to his mother, right at the very end, with the final shot of the film.

It is indeed a film that’s entirely nostalgic for familiar places and feelings (no pun intended with the nostalgia). Nostalgic longing for home is something Tarkovsky explores within the film, with the lead character’s travels abroad to Italy, and this is a very raw, honest reflection of the Russian director himself. Exploring themes of nostalgia and longed familiarity, he paints this film as a canvas of his memory and his feelings of nostalgia and longing for home and the past.

It’s truly wonderful to see his work in play - wether it be a visceral sci-fi, a poetic debate about life, or a collection of nostalgia - and this film is no different, once again displaying the masterful craftsmanship and mindset that surrounded his magisterial filmmaking. This film is just another astoundingly incredible  entry in his almost perfect filmography.

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