Tenet ★★★★★

Man, oh man, I’m just going to copy what I said in my tweets because I’m still so deeply in awe.

It is revolutionary, honestly. It doesn’t lose any of that pace on a second showing and just holds up infinitely well. Göransson’s score is a god work and Nolan’s themes and concepts layer this work in some of his best ways yet. Colossal film, even bigger achievement.

TENET is such a career work for Nolan, not just in its gargantuan scope and layered complex, but also with the pure sentimentality he treats time with. It’s a concept so human but so foreign to us, in the most sentimental ways. It’s immensely felt how profound this work is, individually as a Nolan film, broadly with his affair with themes and concepts relating to time, profoundly with the human sentimentality that follows his complex concepts. I am deeply in love and in awe of this film and with Nolan.

Nothing tops it this year, I think, and it simply is something that will define, not only my love for films, but film concepts in general and how I try to make films and concept of my many ideas.

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