Tenet ★★★★★

GOSH, I LOVE MOVIES... I LOVE WATCHING THEM AND I LOVE MAKING THEM! I couldn’t be more appreciate of my favourite British, time-obsessed genius, his cast of comedic talent and perfected blockbuster leading man, John David Washington; sleek and maybe too far laid back, Robert Pattinson; the charming Nolan-film wife that lives, Elizabeth Debicki; Mad, Russian, Shakespearean menace, Kenneth Branagh; and Tom-Hardy written “oi, oi, oi” role, Aaron-Taylor Johnson, and his crew of mastermind at colours and visceral imagery, Hoyte Van Hoytema; wow, probably one of the best in the industry right now editors who seems like she can actually invert looking at how sublime her work here is, Jennifer Lame; magisterial orchestra wizard madman, Ludwig Göransson; and everything I want in set-pieces and sceneries brought to life dream-guy, Nathan Crowley. I know I’m - at this point - just mumbling words about how much I love Tenet, how amazing the cast and crew is, and how personal each of their works with this film are to me, but seriously, after so many watches, Tenet still keeps me so hooked and in goosebumps and in love and just overwhelmed by the impact and profound experience of films and cinema, so thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of Tenet, because it really is just the best film of 2020, one of my all-time favourites and just one of those special films that just continue to occupy my mind months after its release. GOSH, I LOVE TENET.

Here’s to Tenet and “Posterity”.

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