Tenet ★★★★★

“I’m the Protagonist of this operation.”

I almost feel like Tenet’s a calling card for me, to be the protagonist of my own life, and not to base it around those around me, those I care about, not to value other people - friends, loved ones, family - above myself; to sort of take my life back from the world around me and make it my own instead of everyone else’s.

At first my love for it was purely based on the spectacle and sentimentality of it all - the scale, the action and the emotion behind it - but as time’s gone on I’ve realised an ulterior, more personal relationship with Tenet - one that speaks more directly and intimately to my life and how I, as a person, function and behave, especially with and towards the people around me that is particularly inclusive of the people around me and those I surround my life with.

I think I base too much of my life around other people - my schedules, my feelings, emotions thoughts, my actions, my plans; I think I just do too much for others and none for myself - none for the better good of what actually should matter to me the most right now, and that my friends, is myself, my own being, just me.

Is this my most selfish, narcissistic review yet? You know, maybe it is, and perhaps a tad bit pretentious too, but I think it’s one that’s quite important to me - words that mean quite a lot to me and are probably for the betterment of myself and everything I live by. I really think I’ve got to give up trying to appease everyone else and trying to impress them and instead just focus on myself. I devote too much time to others and I think it’s killing me inside and it just torments me because I’m not okay and giving away precious time to others just amplifies that pain and solitude. So maybe I should divert that attention towards myself and focus on my own life and story instead of trying to rely on others and devote too much of myself because I guess we all are THE protagonists of our own lives.

Perhaps it’s almost conflicting because JDW’s Protagonist is a selfless character in that he works to protect and save those around him, and the world (yes), but I think he does have a sense of self-perception and self-importance of his own being that I just lack deeply in any way, so I guess it’s an instinct and a message of true posterity towards myself that I should focus on myself and stop giving a fuck about others in the dire way I do now. Instead, focus on those I care about, not as excessively as I do now and not as expressively as to try and appease them, but rather from a distance and in a way that saves enough for me to try and save myself from whatever’s eating me from the inside. It’s something I really needed to be told and I’m surprised, glad and emotional altogether that Tenet is the film to gift me with this posterity.

“What’s happened happened,” but I have my time and myself, here and now, to appease myself, my life and everything I’ve talked about within this passage. I’ve got to start looking at my world in new ways. I guess there’s some personal truth to this film that I pristinely hold dear to me. As with Interstellar and my love for it from the initial start, I’ve found a personal connection to this, on a whole deeper level of intimacy and cathartic remedy, a sort of self-rumination on myself, and through this my love and bond for Tenet has grown beyond what it used to be and my initial adoration. “Posterity.”

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