Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★½

Terrence Malick, upon watching a now grown up Tye Sheridan, who starred in Malick’s magnum opus, The Tree of Life, at the tender age of 11, shooting up CGI avatars in a virtual reality world where the main purpose is to find a golden egg that will then give the person who finds it ultimate control of this virtual reality world: My son... His grace watches over you always... seeking... searching for the truth that lies in the essence of all things... The path you haven chosen... the one whose foundations I laid out for you... rest easy in the unwavering love in your journey towards an authentic reality... The world... a plague of men and sin... what artificial worlds will be deconstructed in your image... He brought you to us... son... and you must continue in His light... your impenetrable wisdom will guide you IS THAT THE FUCKING IRON GIANT!? YEAHHHHHH BABY!!!

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