Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★½

Okay but this is basically the same plot as High School Musical 2? 

1. A young man, leading a double life, is recruited by adults who recognize his talent.

2. This causes his relationships with his friends to deteriorate, as he must devote more time to his future.

3. Tony Stark is basically Sharpay Evans, ruining everything for everyone and recruiting the leading man so that they can become more popular and win a bunch of awards.

4. In a moment of contemplation, the lead looks at his reflection in a pond, revealing the choice he must make as to which life he wants to lead.

5. The love interest, defeated by the lead’s inability to be present in the relationship, leaves with their family to a different city.

6. There is a surprise celebrity cameo at the end, where said celebrity is most famous for a role in which they too must lead a double life.


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