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  • Parasite



    Second viewing.

    I really loved this movie the first time around, but it still wound up at #5 for the year for me. I think I was wrong. Maybe I was just being contrarian and wanted to be different and not say this film is the best of the year. But I think it just might be after all.

    For the first viewing, I went in as cold as possible. I knew the plot involved two families. i knew that…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    At one point, I heard the lady behind me ask “Is he crying?”. I wasn’t sure if she meant me or Chris Cooper.

    How many times is too many to cry during a film? Five? Six? I lost count.

    Florence Pugh is my Queen. 

    Everything is due to Greta Gerwig’s such strong direction. It will be a travesty if she does not get an Oscar nomination tomorrow.

    Edited to add a few more thoughts:

    Gerwig, as expected, did not get…

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  • The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther


    When I was a kid, we had this movie on Laserdisc (we was bougie. Actually, we weren't. My dad just spent money on random things like electronics and whisky). I remember watching (and loving) the opening credits sequence and not really being interested in the rest. That might still be true now as an adult.

    I love Peter Sellers. He is definitely the reason to watch this film. Most of the film is a farce, an art form that I…

  • An American in Paris

    An American in Paris


    My hottest take: Gene Kelly in Xanadu >>> Gene Kelly in An American in Paris

    I did not care about this film at all. I will give it credit for being visually compelling. And Gene Kelly's dancing is always top notch (why did he need to be a painter in this?). And I am definitely Team Milo.

    I'm just not big on movies where the character acts like Dug from Up ("I have just met you, and I love you"). And,…

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Dry. Desolate. Vast. Endless. The wasteland, the titular Fury Road, is the main character of this film.

    One of my favorite aspects of the Mad Max series is the hope that many of the characters maintain despite their circumstances. Every group feels as if there is a better place than the one they are currently in, including the children of Beyond Thunderdome who seem to have it the best out of anyone. Here, the women dream of "The Green Place"…

  • Midsommar



    Let’s see. Where to begin?

    Kudos to anyone who can come up with a coherent conventional review immediately after walking out of the film. I think I can only respond with a series of takes at this point.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: White people, amiright? 

    Aster does a masterful job of creating a world and making the viewer feel as if they are there. It’s a pretty unique experience—I’m sure I’ve felt this way before,…