Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes ★★★★½

100 Horror Films in 92 Days

Nightstream 2021 Film #5

Oh look! Movies can still be a lot of fun!

I missed this one during Fantastic Fest and, after seeing several Letterboxd member I follow give this film a decent amount of praise, I figured, why not give it a whirl. It was a low risk high reward situation. I still had two Nightstream passes for which I had nothing committed. It was a 70 minute film. And it was excellent.

A simple story of a man who owns a cafe but ends up discovering a time loop where he can see two minutes into the future. After some friends show up, they discover a way to glimpse further into the future. The stakes get a little high, but never very high. And everything is wrapped up quickly in a fun little conclusion.

These monitors must be attached to the longest extension cords in history though.

I hope this film is able to find an audience. It's similar to something like One Cut of the Dead, but in a sci-fi genre rather than horror. I haven't had this much fun with a film since Vicious Fun. Highly recommend.

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