Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★

Watched with Joe Bob on The Last Drive In.

I've never seen this film before. Not out of any ethical decision due to the subject matter. I'm not big into cannibal films, so that may have played a major part in my avoidance.

I do love found footage films. You would think I would be interested in seeing the grandmother of them all, but it never really crossed my mind.

So I'm very glad Joe Bob showcased it on his show. It forced me to find a film that I...enjoyed is not the correct word...

I'm not sure how to describe my feelings toward this film. It's really well made. I love the conversion from 35mm to 16mm to differentiate between the "current story" and the found footage. The score is really good, and really disturbing placed against the images.

I definitely cannot fault anyone for not wanting to watch this film (pick your cause--animal cruelty, rape, depiction of indigenous peoples), but it's hard not to recommend it to people in order to discuss it. Most people describe this film as "one and done", but I would watch it again.

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