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  • Claudine



    They really don't make them like this anymore. At least not in the United States. Ken Loach has made a career out of the socially minded drama, but there is no one really tackling American issues (Spike Lee maybe?).

    I'm not sure that Claudine can really be classified as a drama. It's a bit too light hearted to be labeled a drama, especially considering the circumstances of the title character.

    The film does a great job of showcasing the struggles…

  • Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror

    Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror



    I liked this film a bit more on a second watch. It might have helped that I've seen a few more of these films since the first time I watched it when it come out last year. I still have more to see (I have Def By Temptation coming, Sugar Hill is on Shudder right now, I may never get to see Abby, although it may be on You Tube, why have I never seen Tales from the Hood?).…

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    Watched with Joe Bob on The Last Drive In.

    I've never seen this film before. Not out of any ethical decision due to the subject matter. I'm not big into cannibal films, so that may have played a major part in my avoidance.

    I do love found footage films. You would think I would be interested in seeing the grandmother of them all, but it never really crossed my mind.

    So I'm very glad Joe Bob showcased it on his…

  • The Last Laugh

    The Last Laugh


    Back to back MUBI movies!

    I don't have a lot to say about this one. I really liked it. For some reason, silent films tend to be a chore for me to get through. I liked that there weren't many title cards here, and that title cards were really not needed for the most part to get the point of the story across.

    It's crazy to think that this film is almost 100 years old! And that we are still dealing with similar class issues. Pair this one with Parasite for a good time.

  • Beanpole



    It's not easy being green...

    I've written about the right film coming along at the right time in other reviews. This film may have been the opposite for me. This film is very bleak, borderline misery porn at times for me. And usually I'm very down for the most depressing movies. But not lately (probably due to the times in which we live--which is still much better than the times in which this film is set). But I'm still pretty…

  • Ruby



    That's a no from me dog.

    I can see why Curtis Harrington has such a large fan base. I'm really into his aesthetic even if I am not into the film itself. It's a strange disconnect. I really like the premise of the film (a gangster is gunned down and comes back 15 years later by possessing his mute daughter, looking to get revenge on the woman he blames for his death). I love the drive-in setting. The fog. The…

  • Savage Intruder

    Savage Intruder


    I've never seen Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte and I don't know why. I had to do a double take when I saw that film received 7 Oscar nominations in 1964. Seven! And that was on the heels of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane receiving 5 and winning one! The Academy may not like horror films, but they sure went wild for hagsploitation.

    Hollywood found one last way to profit off of women they used and discarded. Let these women dial it…

  • Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

    Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?


    For some reason, Curtis Harrington keeps coming up in media I'm consuming, and I realized that I've only ever seen one of his films (the TBS staple Devil Dog). So I'm starting here.

    This film was decent. A twisted little spin on Hansel and Gretel, complete with an over the top Shelley Winters performance (does she ever give any other type?).

    Even at 90 minutes, this felt a bit long. There's not a whole lot that happens action wise. But…

  • The Trip to Greece

    The Trip to Greece



    After being disappointed by the previous installment, The Trip to Spain, I was feeling a bit trepidatious going into the final chapter.

    I needn't have been.

    The Trip to Greece dispenses with (for the most part) the repetition I found so tedious in Spain. Sure, we have to have the obligatory Roger Moore impersonation and a "Come, come, Mr. Bond" thrown in there, but it does not become the focus. I much preferred the easy flowing conversations between Coogan…

  • The Trip to Spain

    The Trip to Spain


    I loved The Trip. I really liked The Trip to Italy. I didn't care for The Trip to Spain.

    I'm not sure why I waited so long to get around to it. I kind of forgot about it until recently when The Trip to Greece came out. So I went back to watch that one before watching the latest (last?) installment in the series.

    I was disappointed. This film seemed repetitive, both internally and externally. Here are the Michael Caine…

  • The Lovebirds

    The Lovebirds


    Hooray for low expectations!

    This film is just funny enough, which is one step up from almost funny on my ladder of comedic success. The movie owes everything to Rae and Nanjiani as their chemistry really elevates the film beyond what is written on the paper.

    Overall, it's kind of a low rent Game Night, but in a good way. It kind of wastes the New Orleans setting, although I was glad to see a bag of Zapp's potato chips…

  • Murder on the Emerald Seas

    Murder on the Emerald Seas


    This film was the next one up after The Muthers on the Vinegar Syndrome 5 Films 5 Years Vol. 2 disc, so I gave it a watch.

    Someone is murdering beauty pageant winners, so the organizers of the next "Artist and Model Pageant" decide to hold the event onboard a cruise ship, The Emerald Seas. The police decide the best way to catch the murderer is to have one of their male detectives dress in drag and go undercover (because,…