Emma. ★★★★


Honestly it's just a rom-com in the veins of Clueless or Mean Girls. I haven't read the novel so I am not sure if it contributed anything to the tone of the film. Dry British humor and genuinely touchy-feely moments go so well together in Emma that it's hard to believe that a filmmaker pulled that off in her debut. The production design is simply exquisite and that makes the film look like a series of 18th century paintings.

Of course, Anya Taylor-Joy exudes elegance as the titular character. But, Josh O'Connor -whose sympathetic portrayal of Prince Charles was the highlight of The Crown season three-, and Mia Goth -who was positively terrifying in Suspiria (2018)- stole the show by showing off their impeccable comic timing.

Gorgeous, hilarious, and absolutely delightful.

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